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MiniRunner is a tiny version of Llamasoft's "Gridrunner" written for the Sharp MZ-80A in just ten lines of BASIC code. The version of BASIC is the standard unmodified version "SA-5510" which shipped with the original MZ-80A.

Try and get the highest score you can by shooting the alien ships. The ships turn into further shootable obstacles to give you more points but watch out as the enemies will descend more quickly the more obstacles there are.

All instructions are in a text file within the downloadable ZIP file (including instructions on where to get an emulator if you need one and how to run the game in the emulator).

The game was written for the BASIC10liner competition which you can find details at: https://basic10liner.com

Install instructions

You will need either an original Sharp MZ-80A or an emulator to play the game. The ZIP file contains full instructions on how to run and play the game and where to find a good emulator.


MiniRunner PUR-80.zip 23 kB

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