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Originally planned to be an entry into the BASIC 10 liners competition, I found that I couldn't fit it into 10 lines. I did fit it into 20 lines though (and then two extra lines later to provide a finishing screen).

The game is for the Sharp MZ-80A in BASIC SA-5510 and has two sections. Primarily you explore the world and avoid the poisonous swamps to reach the forests. The goal is to search each forest for all ten missing gems. More often that not a gem will be protected by an enemy which you must first defeat to be able to gain the gem it is guarding.

Controls are the number pad to move around. Move onto a forest symbol to enter the forest. Either move onto the asterisk to collect the unguarded gem or move onto the 'Pi' symbol which represents the enemy to fight that enemy. Fighting continues for as long as you remain on the Pi symbol. But you must defeat the enemy to collect its gem. If you exit the forest without the gem you won't have another chance to collect it.

The game finishes either then you have no health left or you have collected all ten gems.

Install instructions

Download the MZF file and use your favourite MZ-80 emulator to play the game. You'll need a copy of the MZF for BASIC SA-5510 also.


Adventurish.mzf 1 kB

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